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Get your limited edition Hazbin Halloween merchandise HERE ► bit.ly/2Mo9fbD

As usual proceeds go directly to funding Hazbin's future and other future projects for this channel!! More free content cartoons, the support with this merch helps SO much thank you everyone who helps us continue by buying!

Voiced by Lyle Rath
Edited by Dave Capdeveille

•Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ•
•Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ• 6 dagar sedan
gourec atuvu
gourec atuvu 18 dagar sedan
Shut up and take my soul !
TreBear xStream GAMING
TreBear xStream GAMING 28 dagar sedan
Dominic Maynard
Dominic Maynard Månad sedan
he a deer boi
Dominic Maynard
Dominic Maynard Månad sedan
I want to give Alastor headpats
M.E.G.A J Månad sedan
you know we are skeletons and you so where the spooky scary skeletons
Desmend Miller
Desmend Miller 2 månader sedan
This man is twisted and I love it No offense
Showtime&Hazbin 2 månader sedan
“Think of all the little holes you can poke with these?!” AHH! A NEW HOLE!
WeirdBookshelf49 3 månader sedan
I discovered this too late Sad
ОТЕЛЬ ХАЗБИН 3 månader sedan
Hello sorry to bother you but I'm wondering when there will be 2 series of hotel khazbin
Mr. little kasiel lsak animator
Mr. little kasiel lsak animator 3 månader sedan
We want hazbin hotel part 2
Marley Roach
Marley Roach 3 månader sedan
I love your episodes I wish they were on TV but wasn’t on SEmost every single channel
Aden Arenas
Aden Arenas 3 månader sedan
I hope they reintroduce these as I would love to buy them.
I am a goddam Onion mason
I am a goddam Onion mason 4 månader sedan
Ay let’s be honest radio demon is the best villain and coolest of all villains I ever have seen
°•KJC GACHA•° 4 månader sedan
Now alaster is more creepier now
Laughin Jaxkss
Laughin Jaxkss 4 månader sedan
Because Viziepop did not just steal my online friend’s boyfriend’s character designs. And did not just whorifie them and then witch hunted him into making his Instagram accounts private. And did not steal someone else’s character designs known as Angel Dust, The dead white haired girl form hazbin hotel and many others. Let’s just ignore the fact that imma get witch hunted because I know all of the shit she’s done that’s she claims is her own. Let’s ignore the fact she stole designs and just appreciate how much work went into her animations that she made with majority of not her own characters.
Sour Soap
Sour Soap 5 månader sedan
Oh hey Lyle
Mado Omar
Mado Omar 5 månader sedan
Fuck you demons
Mado Omar
Mado Omar 5 månader sedan
It,s sucks
D Geekling Squad
D Geekling Squad 5 månader sedan
Of course I know you liked your own comment pfffhaha cant say that without laughing
♢ i like Bendy ♢
♢ i like Bendy ♢ 5 månader sedan
alefuz 6 månader sedan
It looks like they are copying the design of the Piggy: yonoune.com/collections/cutie-shorts/products/pink-piglet-fun-cartoon-shorts-set
Josuke Higashikata
Josuke Higashikata 6 månader sedan
Oh god the beginning
Martha Labdaverde Medina
Martha Labdaverde Medina 6 månader sedan
Pennywise _Lover
Pennywise _Lover 6 månader sedan
{*D4C*} *
{*D4C*} * 7 månader sedan
I you I hate schlecht oh I oh I love löschen Bord§¿^~≠¡}{|👈 Horror
ApocNCSXD 7 månader sedan
Wow where i but the hats?¡??¡¡¡
Xi jinping
Xi jinping 7 månader sedan
atleast they did not say not for kids
Xi jinping
Xi jinping 7 månader sedan
Guadalupe Cazares
Guadalupe Cazares 7 månader sedan
Are you a girl
Ramba Ral
Ramba Ral 7 månader sedan
Is everyone connected you got Lyle, Tomar, Stamper who else?
Ethan Walker
Ethan Walker 7 månader sedan
Stickin pins in things😏
keglo 7 månader sedan
Nobody: Me: hahaha haz-pin
ToastIsMahName 7 månader sedan
Hah, I'm super early!
ST SavageCanoe
ST SavageCanoe 7 månader sedan
No ur not
DoctorSherbet 7 månader sedan
Been 3 weeks and no show! The hell!
ST SavageCanoe
ST SavageCanoe 7 månader sedan
It’s already out. This video was published over a year ago
chill content
chill content 7 månader sedan
It is now October, 28th 2020
Shakira Hawkins
Shakira Hawkins 8 månader sedan
Hazbin Hotel’s 1st Birthday is in 2 Days!
MUCAsor 8 månader sedan
Y donde esta para comprar en peru? 😭😭😭😭
verosika mayday
verosika mayday 8 månader sedan
8 månader sedan
Writermist 8 månader sedan
soooooooo....where's my stuff. I'm still waiting for two orders. :C
That one guy
That one guy 8 månader sedan
And this is how the slayers story started
Popee_eepop._.Astrid 8 månader sedan
みわ へふ ふもえよふねすわ みよねまよゆた ひふあんた ろぬへ るふ らなやえた
Jacob Crowder
Jacob Crowder 8 månader sedan
Dammit I missed out on that I did not know that this existed🤕LOL
ST SavageCanoe
ST SavageCanoe 7 månader sedan
This was last years
no thanks but ok
no thanks but ok 8 månader sedan
I'm your favorite flesh? 😏😳
Jaja 667
Jaja 667 8 månader sedan
What is going on in the background?
hank j. Wimbleton
hank j. Wimbleton 8 månader sedan
Is the thing 0:00
Dana Schreiber
Dana Schreiber 9 månader sedan
Me mueroooo que mal que no puedo comprar nada de eso
Random Person
Random Person 9 månader sedan
Trolls add comes on for a adult demon pilot thingy*
JustAlastor 9 månader sedan
My god...
Tsukasa Yugi - Cute Bitch
Tsukasa Yugi - Cute Bitch 9 månader sedan
O 0 O hai Alastor!!!!
The crazy Gacha Girl
The crazy Gacha Girl 9 månader sedan
Why aren’t the hats on the webpage?
Hugo 9 månader sedan
Halloween dosent exits in brazil I am sad
Valeria Bautista
Valeria Bautista 9 månader sedan
Where are they going to broadcast the series?
название украли цыгане
название украли цыгане 9 månader sedan
i don't even mind thats one liitle cartoon can sell merch and be very famous even before the pilot episode
Angel_ kitty
Angel_ kitty 9 månader sedan
My birthdays on October 28 :)
Bone Train
Bone Train 9 månader sedan
Im sad cause i missed this
Amvpna aa
Amvpna aa 9 månader sedan
чтоп сто
ŁF86 MøRøx
ŁF86 MøRøx 9 månader sedan
Coming too much late : -Mhe... i don't care... T^T
Ask Leivson
Ask Leivson 9 månader sedan
Even more awesome.
The magical person
The magical person 9 månader sedan
Can y’all please agin realease these this Halloween it will really be nice
Teacher Julie's T.U.D Productions
Teacher Julie's T.U.D Productions 9 månader sedan
October 28th? That's my birthday
Alice Beilshmidt
Alice Beilshmidt 9 månader sedan
aaahhhhh nuuuuuuu, I got into this too late! I cri, everything looks amazing!
Ms.Skittles667 9 månader sedan
Who else sets goals for themselves to buy things, but realize you don't have the money..?-
Wii And stuff
Wii And stuff 9 månader sedan
I wish there was a angel or Valentino animatronics
Ethan Winters
Ethan Winters 9 månader sedan
*Think of all the little holes you can poke these in*
Daniel1200 Daniel1200
Daniel1200 Daniel1200 9 månader sedan
Skeleton day?, I make a chaplain 40k skull and I love vivziepop merchandise
•Your Local_Bean•
•Your Local_Bean• 9 månader sedan
I'm just like Alastor but I don't like deers😂😂 I only like the color red,I feel weird and comfortable with knifes for some reason,and I get crazy for no reason .-. and when I'm sad I cry while smiling and when I'm a pain a bit I always laugh and smile for things that are not funny... 0_0
Maddie L.
Maddie L. 9 månader sedan
XDgamer27 10 månader sedan
That voice actor dude drank Hot water and acted aggressive.
Blue the raptor
Blue the raptor 10 månader sedan
When will episode 2 come out
The Gurnmeister
The Gurnmeister 10 månader sedan
They should’ve got Alastor or Angel to voice this
Bean 10 månader sedan
That thumbnail made me so happy
GamerGirl Miller
GamerGirl Miller 10 månader sedan
Yo for real tho.....is there any tracking numbers for the items from the website, cause my grandparents got my a large zip up hoodie of the bad mood one and they still haven't gotten a tracking number
Maria Jesus Vergara Saez
Maria Jesus Vergara Saez 10 månader sedan
Español ¿?
violletteebani 10 månader sedan
Oooooo hi e daddy :)
{ puffy gacha }
{ puffy gacha } 10 månader sedan
the thumbnail is me at 3 am looking for my late midnight snack
Creeker 10 månader sedan
You know if you want to sell merch you should probably release and episode 2 just saying you have shit loads of fans. You would have more of you could release more than one episode and I read that episode 2 may be released October 2021. 2 years later?
Please enter a name
Please enter a name 10 månader sedan
Animation is hard to make.
Amni Safiyya
Amni Safiyya 10 månader sedan
Are you shaking good sit concert music but I can I am Elizabeth an address of country Hansel said I can I go maitri make it goes my birthday 2 week but I'm still sad a kid it Gol wait you can recommend recommend please take me to nol
Mariii 1919
Mariii 1919 10 månader sedan
Оооо, my birthday almost coincides with this date (my birthday is October 29)
Gelly Cat
Gelly Cat 11 månader sedan
I got really excited then realised this was in 2019
Anthony Nolasco
Anthony Nolasco 11 månader sedan
Bruh same this popped up in my recommended and I got so sad cause the Alastor shirts are so cool🥺😔
themelonboi 11 månader sedan
Wait So the halloween sale came before the actual pilot of the show? What?
Flurbify 11 månader sedan
jasperjazz0i812 11 månader sedan
I think I'm a bit late to the Party. Just a bit
Alexander Agcaoili
Alexander Agcaoili 11 månader sedan
Dude October 28 is my birthday! I mean... what better day to pick 😁
Ruben Solis
Ruben Solis 11 månader sedan
At this time the only pilot wasn’t even ready, and they just...
King_Pugzy 11 månader sedan
They made a Halloween sale before they even released the pilot
Нига Копский 2
Нига Копский 2 11 månader sedan
Пачему в мире нет 1 общего языка каторый бы все бы знали.
What's This?
What's This? 11 månader sedan
Wow, I just saw this thing now (I watched Hazbin Hotel for the first time about... four-three months ago) Damn the merch looks amazing @.@
¡ !
¡ ! 11 månader sedan
•٩-Ruvzyat-۶• 11 månader sedan
I just noticed kids watch this and like it XD
Станислав go—Маинкрафт
Станислав go—Маинкрафт 11 månader sedan
Koushi Sugawara
Koushi Sugawara 11 månader sedan
When is there going to be more of Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss?
protogenFire type
protogenFire type År sedan
Lisa Warth
Lisa Warth År sedan
It's my birthday on October 29th 😁😝
Anthony Digironimo
Anthony Digironimo År sedan
Hey Vivzepop can you make this into a shirt pm1.narvii.com/7377/455334cef8f59c4ea25c3c488ab73c993a8a461dr1-800-1250v2_hq.jpg along with possibly this www.deviantart.com/shad0w-galaxy/art/Charlie-Hazbin-Hotel-839988043 www.deviantart.com/the-butcher-x/art/Pleeeeeease-824382704 & www.deviantart.com/rocioam7/art/Niffty-823951754
Animatoons År sedan
Wait this came out on my b day?!?!?!?
davon ferguson
davon ferguson År sedan
Wow the sanity not included king
Athan Escamilla
Athan Escamilla År sedan
I honestly hope adult swim notices this
Аластор 9999
Аластор 9999 År sedan
атель хазбин
Thegamingraeper År sedan
Good times
Liz_qwq År sedan
WoW :0
Extra-Large Animates
Extra-Large Animates År sedan
I would like it if I got the snake dudes hat
alastor dad jokes compilation
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