ZooPhobia - "Bad Luck Jack" (Short)

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Musical score by Gooseworx!
Enjoy this cartoon about Jack, a sweet pup with supernatural bad luck -as he lets his best friend Zill help him with his curse, for better or worse!

Set in the fantasy world of the 2012 webcomic "ZooPhobia" by Vivienne M.
BASED on the comic's characters!

Thank you everyone who supported on patreon or via merch sales! We are so glad we can bring you more cartoon content, and look forward to more HELLUVA BOSS very very soon!

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JACK: Bryson Baugus
ZILL: Joe Zieja
KAYLA: Reba Buhr
SPAM: Eric Shonk
VANEXA: Kayli Mills
RUSTY: Ben Diskin
AUTUMN: Sam Shown
DAMIAN: Alexander Yap

Sam Miller (LEAD)
Benjamín Santiago Ávila
Selene Einar Guerrero
Amanda Heard
Kiira Onew
Vivienne Medrano
Kelsey McMeins
Magpie Raven Blackford

Yizhen Hou
Amy Heard
Lorenzo Estrada
Kaylan Peattie
Diego Mejía Pacheco
Carolina Páez
Rafael Cauich Rivera
Austin Kalista
Adam Bohorquez
Matthew Margerison
June Kind
Sebastian Velazquez Fajardo
Kressent Rhodes

Gabriela Pérez Valle
Brandon Islas Madrigal
Emiliano Rangel
Julio Marquez P
Daniel Martínez Hoyo
Alma Pereyra
Adolfo Rodríguez
Kevin Martínez Bringas
Austin Kalista
Sebastian Velazquez Fajardo
Kressent Rhodes
Michelle García
Benjamín Santiago Ávila
Amy Heard
Diego Mejía Pacheco
Yizhen Hou
Dennis "Snonny" Moreno

Ashley Simpson
Amanda Heard

Abdullah Moatasem
Vivienne Medrano

Vivienne Medrano

Sara 'Serval' Fisher (LEAD)
Vivienne Medrano
Carolina Páez
Michael Boggs


Jane Walker
Vivienne Medrano


"Make A Start"
Written by Andrew Stein
Composed by Sam Haft
Performed by Cristina Vee and Sam Haft

"The Curse"
Written by Andrew Stein
Composed by Shady Vox and Sam Haft
Performed by Don Darryl Rivera

"Monster Fighting Time"
Written and performed by:
Parry Gripp

Supervising Sound Editor \u0026 Sound Designer Kennedy Phillips
Re-recording Mixer Sean Oakley
Music Mix \u0026 Studio Manager Hamed Hokamzadeh
Mixed at MelodyGun Sound Studios

manzana modo papu activado
manzana modo papu activado 40 minuter sedan
Furry exterminator
ツs e l e v e r
ツs e l e v e r 4 timmar sedan
Zill is thehe friend we all need smh
Justin Pineda
Justin Pineda 4 timmar sedan
As furry exterminator I will show this to my head counters
scimitar 6 timmar sedan
fun fact: this animation refrences characters from one of her first videos die young
Tanya Borisova
Tanya Borisova 7 timmar sedan
Zoo 😨 Zooba
Rat Gamer
Rat Gamer 18 timmar sedan
NOO why is his name Ruben my real name is Ruben 😭😭😭
Pasta Fazul
Pasta Fazul 21 timme sedan
Hazbin hotel: A 2000s nickelodean show with a higher budget and cursing Helluva boss: A 2000s CN show with a higher budget and cursing Zoohpobia: A 2000s Disney channel show with a higher budget
Rocket Launcher
Rocket Launcher 22 timmar sedan
why they're accent suddenly Change?
LexTheCat 23 timmar sedan
5:21 7:45
FerretGuild Dag sedan
So Zill can stop a meteor falling from space, and it takes a wrecking ball to the everything to even scratch him... how exactly is Rubin planning on winning this fight?
Me_IAndMemes 101
Me_IAndMemes 101 Dag sedan
If Rusty (Ruben) and Autumn dont get together I'm gonna cry 😢
funtime freddy gaming
funtime freddy gaming Dag sedan
What will happen next
Janiya Mustafa
Janiya Mustafa Dag sedan
5:37, I thought the person in the truck was Angel Dust! 😂
EWithNoE Dag sedan
11 mins is a short? :O jeez ur dedicated
Jackb Esparza
Jackb Esparza Dag sedan
Is that spring trap???
Glam rock Freddy Security breach
Glam rock Freddy Security breach Dag sedan
Is jack like a zombie because somehow he’s not dying
Kenneth’s vlogging channel
Kenneth’s vlogging channel Dag sedan
If this had been a full animated series I would love to see it
It'sFinn Dag sedan
Okay but why do I prefer Jack and Zill in a relationship instead💀
ghost the hashira
ghost the hashira Dag sedan
DragonX557 Dag sedan
Not gonna lie i think jack looks like an animated version of springtrap
Allie Turner
Allie Turner Dag sedan
More Zoophobia, please.
Eric Knox
Eric Knox 2 dagar sedan
Kinda reminds me of neopets
pepsi boi24
pepsi boi24 2 dagar sedan
That orange guy looks like an actual furry
pepsi boi24
pepsi boi24 2 dagar sedan
Ok, he's called spam
AidenX_Games 2 dagar sedan
i loved the vid! and without swears :O
NRA 3 dagar sedan
Alguien habla español?
INFPQ 3 dagar sedan
Is this heaven? I don’t wanna go there.
kittenOtaco fluff
kittenOtaco fluff 3 dagar sedan
I like how they are all furrys
Christine B
Christine B 3 dagar sedan
"You're the most tolerable" is the highest compliment I get from my friends too
OCD1 3 dagar sedan
Ah this is a refreshment this feels like your old animations which I love.
Jeff Logan
Jeff Logan 3 dagar sedan
Hey, do all you "Vivzie's" think you can finish the Zoophobia comics that you haven't finished yet? Please🤗 Comic: zoophobiacomic.com
$Sly Cooper$
$Sly Cooper$ 4 dagar sedan
I sorta had an imagination of having the characters from Zoophobia as Hazbin Hotel Characters Damian Beelzley as Alastor Rusty/Reuben as Husk/Husker because of there short temper personality Jackson Wells, Zillion Martinez, Kayla Christling, Samuel O'Brien aka Spam, and Vanexa Pierce as the group group who pitched in the idea for the hotel (I kinda need some help placing them in the proper character roles) Baltimore Starlena as Katie Killjoy due to here mean spirited persona Jacinta "Jackie" Valdez as Nifty cuz of here energetic personality Also featuring others such as... Alanzo and Yada yada yada I kinda need some help putting the characters up for their roles based on Hazbin Hotel, if you want to add or give a request go ahead whatever what interests you to add a zoophobia character why not give a whirl just saying. I had some ideas on what drove me to making this very concept or idea, one time I saw some art work on google of some pictures based on scenes from the Hazbin Hotel Pilot which they're recreated with Zoophobia Characters and there was one thing that some of the art bothered me the most, the artist's chosen Zoophobia characters don't fit the characters from the H&H Pilot well hear me out I am just being honest about my criticism to the artist's work in all but let me explain my criticism having Husker presented as Jackson Wells and Autumn as Alastor in the "You think you can buy me with a that some cheap booze" scene from the H&H Pilot doesn't seem to be a perfect fit which Jack and Husker don't seem to be the same, Jack is soft spoken and very friendly to most people and while for Husker is the opposite of Jack, which he is gruff, cynical, apathetic and is always in bad nood and while for Autumn doesn't seem to be as "evil" or terrifying as Alastor is not much of the right canidate for our smiling radio demon, Autumn is selfless and spends most of his time and energy helping others with often little thanks as he has very little self-worth. I also found some other scene recreation art of depicting Rust... well get this as Angel Dust which I think it doesn't fit Rust's character at all, well if Rusty was forcsd to try on Angel's outfit he would've been boiling in anger and would've said something like "How the heck do you walk in these things?!?" For putting Zill up as Vaggie and Damian as Charlie isn't much of a perfect fit at all as well, Damian seems to be more of a trouble maker or a teenage rebel which its all about Damian's character unlike Charlie's background and whike pairing Damian up with Zill is not mjch of a good choice at all which in fact it somewhat is since there was a comic fo Damian always tring to win over Kayla from Zill. Well what I am trying to say here is that I am trying to fix some of the characters into giving them the right proper character placement
Noah 4 dagar sedan
bro jack is literally me exept without the friends part
gervacio sol cruz
gervacio sol cruz 4 dagar sedan
Es cadaves mas y mas grandioso a cada momento 🤩🙂
Sutton Davidson
Sutton Davidson 5 dagar sedan
OK Ruben
calexis24 5 dagar sedan
aunque sea mexicano entiendo mas o menos lo que dijieron ademas esta muy buena
The Riot
The Riot 5 dagar sedan
Milo Murphy as a furry
A_WhiteWolf 5 dagar sedan
I want to crush the dragon fly thing in between my toes.
1()() 5 dagar sedan
The attention to detail is amazing! Whenever pinata boy spun in the song the snake tail got dizzy! It's really cool!
Pro gamer
Pro gamer 5 dagar sedan
Jack: *gets hit by light and piano* His bone: This sign can’t stop me because I can’t read!
MA Stewart
MA Stewart 6 dagar sedan
I love Zoophobia! It’s very well-written and creative. I feel like Bad luck Jack is Izuku Midoriya.
MrHuman Human
MrHuman Human 6 dagar sedan
For some reason the fox in furry movies or shows or shorts is always the best one
Violet boo
Violet boo 6 dagar sedan
I have two words “furry”
Violet boo
Violet boo 4 dagar sedan
@Harvey Games no why
Harvey Games
Harvey Games 4 dagar sedan
@Violet boo well ok did you watch the comic before ?
Violet boo
Violet boo 4 dagar sedan
@Harvey Games no I like zoophopia
Harvey Games
Harvey Games 4 dagar sedan
@Violet boo yep very much although if you hate zoophobia then your opinion I really like this animation and the comic itself was wayyy better
Violet boo
Violet boo 4 dagar sedan
@Harvey Games if so yes
I love KITTY Channel go fox
I love KITTY Channel go fox 6 dagar sedan
What am I watching this right now this is like. I think the only kid-friendly thing
little hoodie
little hoodie 6 dagar sedan
Day 100000 learning how to speak furry 👍
AlphaLlama 6 dagar sedan
this is so lame
SimplyJay 7 dagar sedan
Haven't come back to this since the first time I watched it, but I honestly feel like it has a lot of potential to be its own series. I know Vivienne and team are mainly focusing on Helluva Boss and the eventual Hazbin Hotel series, but it's refreshing to see a PG level show that can appeal to a wider age range. Even if it hasn't earned the same level of attention as the other pilots, I think it deserves a shot. Anything's possible.
Inez Lewis
Inez Lewis 7 dagar sedan
skye prower
skye prower 7 dagar sedan
Zill and the others: *fighting a monster* Spam: BEEEEEEEEEEE
Jadon314 7 dagar sedan
Get splattered by a bus Simply puts pieces back
Егор Кондратьев
Егор Кондратьев 7 dagar sedan
Ура зоофобия вернулась
Wladynosz 7 dagar sedan
Jack has a very special ability: He survives with Head off and all other body parts cut off easily, and can arrange his bones very easy, so it´s luck to born with that! :D
Your_.Local._ghostly 7 dagar sedan
Jack is the cutest f bunny and I can not get over it
CatBatRat 8 dagar sedan
I just realized, every time Jack's bad luck is about to take effect, there's a little sound effect.
beky zafyra
beky zafyra 8 dagar sedan
pls do ep 2 PLSSS ;-; IM BOW AT U ;-;
Tyler Becerra
Tyler Becerra 8 dagar sedan
My favorite is zill
Tyler Becerra
Tyler Becerra 8 dagar sedan
Same I love animations
Platinum 8 dagar sedan
*depressed Milo Murphy’s Law*
Герань Рудная
Герань Рудная 8 dagar sedan
I Love this
Mr. Cherri Da Berry
Mr. Cherri Da Berry 9 dagar sedan
This video : innocent Litterally every other episode: not for kids at all
Jayla Life 💕
Jayla Life 💕 9 dagar sedan
I like the kid friendly ones vivziepop
Cole Thrasher
Cole Thrasher 10 dagar sedan
It's disappointing to see how viv had a part in everything except for animation.
BagHead 10 dagar sedan
I had trouble watching this when I was not a furry now it’s just cute
•{ziuziune 123}•
•{ziuziune 123}• 10 dagar sedan
Hector Perea
Hector Perea 10 dagar sedan
Make more furries like that
dmitri hale
dmitri hale 10 dagar sedan
I want a new episode of this
Siena Neff
Siena Neff 11 dagar sedan
10:40 that walk tho-
LeoEiffel Sims
LeoEiffel Sims 11 dagar sedan
1:00 I just realized that, that guy’s from one of the first Vivziepop shorts
The Mr Mask
The Mr Mask 3 dagar sedan
••Sunrise•• 11 dagar sedan
My favorite part about the art style has to be how poofy their tails are!
Anastasia Diaz
Anastasia Diaz 11 dagar sedan
Anastasia Diaz
Anastasia Diaz 11 dagar sedan
Zill is like like a huge alien MANGO
Ahmed Malaki
Ahmed Malaki 11 dagar sedan
Hey dose anyone remember this comic
Harvey Games
Harvey Games 4 dagar sedan
@Ahmed Malaki I think you know what's funny about it semost.info/award/l4WuZtlpj82NyIg/video.html
Ahmed Malaki
Ahmed Malaki 4 dagar sedan
@Harvey Games no you don’t also what’s so funny about your comment
Harvey Games
Harvey Games 4 dagar sedan
Well I still remember it lol
Kattle Prod.uctions
Kattle Prod.uctions 11 dagar sedan
that demon boy at the beginning of the video was from vizie's very first video
Georgia Liu
Georgia Liu 11 dagar sedan
4:37 ok does ANYONE else notice how Zill looked at Jack at this moment. i need to know!!!
Ty Foxy
Ty Foxy 10 dagar sedan
there's no wayyyy, the comics insinuate that he's very much so in love with Kayla haha
Gretchen Seghers
Gretchen Seghers 11 dagar sedan
Is it just me, or is half of the short just the beginning of Frozen?
Dante 11 dagar sedan
Pretty sure the guy who sang the monster fighting song made “ its raining tacos” song i love it
Rebecca Segatti
Rebecca Segatti 11 dagar sedan
Is it her remix??
Rue 11 dagar sedan
For some reason, (it might be because of the cast) I feel like Jack would do an amazing cover of Waving Through a Window. He's just givin me some Evan vibes.
ironbearpaw 12 dagar sedan
I like how the band was ruend
MistyFurball1 12 dagar sedan
This makes furries look like they are decent members of society
Duover 12 dagar sedan
We are, most of us are just people that think anthropomorphic animals are neat
Nathan Fabre
Nathan Fabre 12 dagar sedan
Excuse me what what the f$&k is this $hit
The Mr Mask
The Mr Mask 3 dagar sedan
@Nathan Fabre Soo u can get away from vivziepop channel cause she's furry u know
Harvey Games
Harvey Games 4 dagar sedan
@Angel Cat well said
Harvey Games
Harvey Games 4 dagar sedan
It's not even close to furry lol
Angel Cat
Angel Cat 7 dagar sedan
@Nathan Fabre Furry is a person who is interest in anthropomorfic animals. These are just fictional characters maded by Vivziepop They are not costumes ;_;
Nathan Fabre
Nathan Fabre 7 dagar sedan
@Angel Cat furrys that’s what’s wrong
NotGa_Etheley 12 dagar sedan
PluzUltraPlayz 13 dagar sedan
I hate it but if you made hellofva boss then i love it kinda/ the reason why I hate this so much is because one word:FURRYS
Angel Cat
Angel Cat 8 dagar sedan
What is wrong with furries. They are just fictional characters
Gothiic_cutxx 13 dagar sedan
6:06 Ah, yes *pauseface* v More pausefaces out of context 1:05 2:36 2:41 6:14 6:27 6:45
Princess Stephanie A. Polintan
Princess Stephanie A. Polintan 13 dagar sedan
Me: *sees the deer character* oh wow Also me: Alastor? is that you?
julie tudor
julie tudor 13 dagar sedan
Is okay Jack my you friends I see you in the Bad luck I will see of good luck😉
Firefly 13 dagar sedan
Will there be more episodes
Kate 13 dagar sedan
This is amazing! 🥺💯 I want more
Gold Osburn
Gold Osburn 13 dagar sedan
I would like to see more of this especially all the characters I would like to see the bully life because I have always known that the only reason people pick on other people is because their life is much worse than people think and they take their anger on others
My Allergies 101
My Allergies 101 14 dagar sedan
Great. Furry show
The Mr Mask
The Mr Mask 3 dagar sedan
Ok how does people doesn't realize that Vivziepop is furry too Heck this was her first project before Hazbin Hotel
Boyfriend fox
Boyfriend fox 14 dagar sedan
Ohhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh
Login 14 dagar sedan
these are such loveable characters
Cherry Girl
Cherry Girl 14 dagar sedan
Why didn't I watch this earlier?! This is so amazing!!! I love it and I hope to see more animations of this crew in the future! ❤️
Melissa Kimbrell
Melissa Kimbrell 14 dagar sedan
Zills tail: *quietly watches this whole thing play out*
PinkHippo4990 14 dagar sedan
will there ever be a second one?
Harvey Games
Harvey Games 4 dagar sedan
There Is a original comic of it made by vizipop in 2012
Hesoos Tehij
Hesoos Tehij 14 dagar sedan
This guy claims to have bad luck but his limbs AND head can be litterly off his neck and he can easily have it put back on.
Nita Enyeart
Nita Enyeart 14 dagar sedan
The animation is so cute
Uncle Joseph
Uncle Joseph 14 dagar sedan
Haha, Aussie accent
clo_aked 14 dagar sedan
Ragdoll Price
Ragdoll Price 15 dagar sedan
His cast isn’t there in some scenes
Side Before Self tv
Side Before Self tv 15 dagar sedan
Make this a series
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