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PkXd king
PkXd king 19 timmar sedan
Cant wait
Nathan Michael
Nathan Michael 21 timme sedan
When is se1 ep7 coming out?
Nathan Michael
Nathan Michael 22 timmar sedan
Sina Fetui
Sina Fetui Dag sedan
Нина Иванченко
Нина Иванченко 2 dagar sedan
15khithere 4 dagar sedan
Looks like episode 6 will be the end of the season with them at a place called “ozzie’s” taken place in the lust ring and depressed stolas will be at the end of the episode. But that’s just theory a film theory
It’s only Joe
It’s only Joe 4 timmar sedan
From what I hear episode 8 will be the season finale
Wolf Scar55
Wolf Scar55 7 dagar sedan
HOLD UP! RING! RING! I just thought of something HUGE! What if....Wally Wackford is apart of this whole thing to kill Stolas with Striker? That huge thing with Robofizz in the trailer is a giant robot created by Lyle and Loopy in Hell(cause remember, he hired them) in order to help kill Stolas. Let's take a look here for a moment, Wally was out of the job at Loo Loo Land because Blitz had it burned down...he then goes to make his own company where in his commercial he is quote 'desperate' and at the end of episode 4 we see him hire the two scientists. Ok moving on to episode 5, he is seen at the Harvest Festival. .....Ok but why would a company owner be at the Harvest Festival when he's not even from Wrath and would have far more important things to worry about? Like his company. Wally Wackford has all the motivation to hate Blitz for ruining his job at Loo Loo Land(also crashing into him) and wanting Blitz to lose his entire company by helping to kill Stolas so that he no longer has the grimoire and thus he's in the same position if not worse as he was. Also Wally has appeared in episodes 2, 4 and 5. ....Coincidence? I'm not too sure on that folks, I think we're looking at a villain who has been flying under the radar of many people. He certainly has more motivation I think than Verosika(who could just be there by chance because well, it's the Lust Ring and she's a succubus...why wouldn't she be there?)
Angelina Rose
Angelina Rose 7 dagar sedan
Lines we haven't heard yet Elevator 666 departing for lust oH bLiTzY Damn it moxie this is all your fault! how is this my fault?!
Tøga Himikø
Tøga Himikø 7 dagar sedan
Season 6 has been taking too long I'm not trying to be rude though
It’s only Joe
It’s only Joe 4 timmar sedan
They said they needed extra time because this will be the biggest episode yet
xX~NeonNightcore~Xx 8 dagar sedan
When is Ep6 coming q-q?
zxzrOFFICIAL 9 dagar sedan
im thinking stolas will maybe im saying maybe die (i hope not)
julius white
julius white 10 dagar sedan
bruh i bet veronica is gonna be a main villian
Olivia Rayner
Olivia Rayner 12 dagar sedan
AUDIO CLIPS: 0:00 “Guys, do you feel that?” - Loona, Episode 4: C.H.E.R.U.B 0:03 “Alright, don’t panic, Moxxie!” - Millie, Episode 4: C.H.E.R.U.B 0:08 “Elevator 666, departing to Lust.” - Unknown 0:11 “Oh, Blitzy~!” - Unknown 0:13 “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” - Loona, Episode 2: Loo Loo Land 0:16 “Dammit, Moxxie, this is all your fault!” - Unknown 0:18 “How is this MY fault?!” - Unknown 0:20 “Y’all ready to get fucked up and make some bitchin’ bad choices?!” - Verosika, Episode 3: Spring Broken 0:24 “MOTHER FUCK-!” - Moxxie, Episode 5: Harvest Moon Festival 0:25 “Ok, look, you are all making this into a WAY bigger deal than it needs to be. I don’t pry into your stupid personal lives.” - Blitzø, Episode 3: Spring Broken 0:31 “Does anybody love you… BLITZO?” - Fizzarolli, Episode 2: Loo Loo Land 0:42 “That is… deeply upsetting.” - Moxxie, Episode 2: Loo Loo Land
Olivia Rayner
Olivia Rayner 8 dagar sedan
@bak cel yeah I know, I just use it usually to show how it’s spelled, because how he and the IMP crew say his name is different than how Verosika or Fizzarolli says it
bak cel
bak cel 11 dagar sedan
@Olivia Rayner Wow, thanks ford doing this! Just a little teeny thing though, it's written "Blitzo", not Blitzø!!!
CopperStealth Studios
CopperStealth Studios 12 dagar sedan
I CANT WAIT FOR EP 6 and all the future episodes viv and her team have made a masterpiece of a show and I can’t wait to see where it gies
Ivanna C
Ivanna C 17 dagar sedan
You got me when it said helluva boss gets more serious.
UOL Jessi
UOL Jessi 17 dagar sedan
Can't believe this is the first thing I've clicked on on SEmost that I had to officially age-verify my account for (btw Google what is this whole hassle with photographing ID and shit) Either way, I am loving the show and I'm STOKED for what'll happen in the future!
godzilla bruc
godzilla bruc 17 dagar sedan
You are drunk?
charly ramirez
charly ramirez 18 dagar sedan
Ya me muero de impasiensia por la temporada 6 espero que este genial😁😁😁
pony_goesburrrrrruvu 20 dagar sedan
Vizziepop: Lots of horsies and blood Pony: …
VALE PEPE 20 dagar sedan
Can't wait to see this
Aiden Pena
Aiden Pena 20 dagar sedan
We saw only half of the scenes in the trailer. Can't wait to see some more of this. The lore is so intense with this. Even the theories.
Oreo'$ @nimat10n
Oreo'$ @nimat10n 20 dagar sedan
Wes Mantel
Wes Mantel 20 dagar sedan
Iban Briigs
Iban Briigs 21 dag sedan
"Fuck 2020! Happy new year" is the best sendoff I've ever heard
5302able 24 dagar sedan
Natalie Kekahuna
Natalie Kekahuna 24 dagar sedan
Stolas: Oh Blitzzyyyy Luna: SHUT THE F*CK UP
Milagros Sanchez
Milagros Sanchez 25 dagar sedan
This the best series of the year
Pilar Bradford
Pilar Bradford 25 dagar sedan
I got my boyfriend into it
Pilar Bradford
Pilar Bradford 25 dagar sedan
I’m sooooo excited
TEWO 27 dagar sedan
It’s aged restricted for me
Mogaga Mendola
Mogaga Mendola 27 dagar sedan
I can't wait to see Stolas again o3o I love Stolasss
:) 27 dagar sedan
(this is not for kids)
TreBear xStream GAMING
TreBear xStream GAMING 28 dagar sedan
Levi Eckhardt
Levi Eckhardt 29 dagar sedan
Elevated 666? Relating to club 666? Like, from addict? How did nobody notice this?!?
ElBoyKawaii #Channel
ElBoyKawaii #Channel 29 dagar sedan
Mike Oxbig
Mike Oxbig 29 dagar sedan
If you’re telling me that there may be a second season, than fuck ya, bring it to the table Viv!
tessa and adelle
tessa and adelle Månad sedan
Moxxie Fanpage
Moxxie Fanpage Månad sedan
Yoooo waiting to 6 ep
Kaelin J
Kaelin J Månad sedan
Danny B.C.
Danny B.C. Månad sedan
fml1233 Månad sedan
Unholy shit I love this show! Guess I’ll go watch hazbin hotel whilst I wait for episode 6, ahh so excited :)
[Rain]DarkRainbow [R]DR
[Rain]DarkRainbow [R]DR Månad sedan
badass show, its fuckin awesome, great work
James Fuerza
James Fuerza Månad sedan
Me seeing maxxie and blitzo in some saw type of shit Me: ......Fun
Sawyer Conrad
Sawyer Conrad Månad sedan
Cheese day 27 Cheese
Trash Can’t Do Much
Trash Can’t Do Much Månad sedan
Looking at all the ep 6 scenes in here for lore since we can now sort them properly
Wilberto Perez
Wilberto Perez Månad sedan
LUCAS the IMP Månad sedan
All of episode 6 up this scene 0:06 were stock 0:08 will come ozzie Factory 0:17 stolas sad of her stella 0:20 brother ozzie and real fizzarolli 0:25 shock stolas & blitzØ vs stella 0:30 the end is here blitzØ 0:32 we kick out the family chasters Coming soon on july or August. 2021
Crazy Chris
Crazy Chris Månad sedan
I can’t wait for robo fizz to come back
yzn_brimfull Månad sedan
Is the clowns
Sapir Shahar
Sapir Shahar Månad sedan
I'm so excited! This is so awsome~
dragon god
dragon god Månad sedan
Hey its not age restricted anymore
Preston Hatcher
Preston Hatcher Månad sedan
Why is it now age restrictied?
🍒Strawberry_💗🍄🍓🍒 Månad sedan
Julian Lara
Julian Lara Månad sedan
I'm so ready
ItzBoi21 Månad sedan
I love how there are clips of episodes that aren’t out yet
VB Brothers
VB Brothers Månad sedan
Just noticed there is a poster of Angel Dust in the corner of 0:32(but everyone already noticed that I guess)
NightSkyShinigami Månad sedan
Did anyone saw robo fizz pop out of the giant robot?
CrabMoose Månad sedan
0:32 top right corner angel dust poster right there
Bun Bun :p
Bun Bun :p Månad sedan
Is anyone going to notice that helluva boss season one episode 1 was made 6 months ago while this was made 2 months after?
Darckzac Månad sedan
Y sólo quedó 1... o 2
Xjj blade
Xjj blade Månad sedan
I have a felling at the end of season one all the imp enemies are going to try to kill the imp workers
yehaw Månad sedan
All clips we haven't seen 0:05 0:08 0:17 0:20 0:24 0:30 0:32
Månad sedan
yehaw yes they did watch episode 5
yehaw Månad sedan
@‍ yes
Månad sedan
yehaw ?
yehaw Månad sedan
No some clips began within the time frame sorry
Månad sedan
Episode 5 is out
Nicholas Diaz
Nicholas Diaz Månad sedan
0_0 my heart literally skipped a beat, ouch! And OMGFG!!!!!
Devil Dragon900
Devil Dragon900 Månad sedan
fizzarolies return is gonna be EPIC
Leon Fruto el que lo lea
Leon Fruto el que lo lea Månad sedan
2 episode’s and………
Soto Escalante Jonathan
Soto Escalante Jonathan Månad sedan
The next episodeo its OZZYS CLUBS
Soto Escalante Jonathan
Soto Escalante Jonathan Månad sedan
Guys youtube restrictted this video why
IsabellaGacha Månad sedan
i can't watch it-
Ouroboros [GD]
Ouroboros [GD] Månad sedan
ah yes *V E R O S I K A M A Y D A Y*
Oscar.D Månad sedan
At 0:20 you can see fizzaroli is back
Josh smash
Josh smash Månad sedan
How many episodes of season 1 I don’t want it to end
Alicia EVANS
Alicia EVANS Månad sedan
there should be 3 more, I think
Reee Kid
Reee Kid Månad sedan
So we’re all gonna ignore that fizzarolli is coming back
Alicia EVANS
Alicia EVANS Månad sedan
@[Insert a creative name] Pretty sure It's meant to be Asmodeus, the prince of Lust, judging by the design
[Insert a creative name]
[Insert a creative name] Månad sedan
Literally everyone are talking about that, nobody will actually talk about the giant clown that goes with Fizz (i don't know if that's the real Fizzarolli or a robot)
-Andy-wolf118 Månad sedan
Hell is a issue
-Andy-wolf118 Månad sedan
Average lemon enjoyer.
Average lemon enjoyer. Månad sedan
Did i miss a few episodes or did they just plan ahead with episodes. Or maybe these are deleted scenes
General Jake
General Jake Månad sedan
hey dum dum this is the trailer for ALL of season 1
jalen humphry
jalen humphry Månad sedan
Also, this video literally says in the title that this is a trailer.
jalen humphry
jalen humphry Månad sedan
These are literally the teasers for the episodes that will be in this season, most of these have been seen already, with episode 5 just coming out.
charly ramirez
charly ramirez Månad sedan
Que lla este la proxima temporada
Jahlil Carr
Jahlil Carr Månad sedan
I can't wait for the new episodes
Lazy Nico ✅
Lazy Nico ✅ Månad sedan
i want to see the coming back of verozica c: ( idk how to write it - )
Lazy Nico ✅
Lazy Nico ✅ Månad sedan
@jalen humphry and yes
Lazy Nico ✅
Lazy Nico ✅ Månad sedan
@jalen humphry Thx for steal me the words - c:
jalen humphry
jalen humphry Månad sedan
The return of Verosika?
I miss the happy me
I miss the happy me Månad sedan
Can't wait for it
ちびちゃん Månad sedan
okay but Stolas in 0:17 looks so sad that it makes my heart hurt. I really do not know what happened but I feel so bad for him.
Slushy Månad sedan
@Titanium Dragon but come on, still hes not that bad, he doesnt really see narcisist, he is able to visit the "lower clases of hell" (oppossite of verosika) probably selfish but well, not really self centerd at all- i kinda think he cares for blitzo, as you can see in his instagram when blitz got lost, also the global warming thing: i mean stolas is literally a prince of hell so.
Titanium Dragon
Titanium Dragon Månad sedan
@Wolf Scar55 Stolas is evil. Every member of the main cast of Helluva Boss is varying degrees of evil. Moxie is like, the LEAST evil of them, but he's still a murderer-for-hire. He's selfish, self-centered, and narcissitic, and while he DOES genuinely care about Octavia (who might be one of the only genuinely good people in hell) and he MIGHT care about Blitzo, he's definitely not a good person overall. I mean, he wanted Blitzo to murder someone who was spreading the word about global warming so that more people would die and go to hell. Cheating on his wife is like, the least of his sins. So... yeah. Also, he seems very midlife crisis-y.
Wolf Scar55
Wolf Scar55 Månad sedan
@Titanium Dragon I don't think he found out at the end. But even still I theorize he knew his death was coming at the hands of his wife, as far back as the flashback of EP 2 when he was singing to Via. So his fate is sealed and that's why he's just being a complete dick to both of them, because he has to die....for whatever reason. Because honestly, none of this shit should even be happening if he just talks to Stella. Fine he's unhappy, but that doesn't justify him cheating on her and ruining his family as a whole.
Titanium Dragon
Titanium Dragon Månad sedan
Might just be depressed that he knows that his wife wants to kill him. He found that out at the end of episode 5.
Wolf Scar55
Wolf Scar55 Månad sedan
@Peaceful Dusk Ah damn, I didn't even think about that. If Via is killed, then Stolas would certainly blame himself for it....oh shit, I couldn't imagine what Stella would feel, that would probably destroy her. I mean sure, we still don't know the relationship between her and Via, but Via doesn't make any mention that she hates her mother or that their is bad blood between them. really think that they would kill Via? I mean, I guess it's possible, anything could happen..
ɢᴏʟᴅᴇɴ.-.ᴅᴀɪsʏ Månad sedan
0:08 next episode will be in a circus
Will Witherson
Will Witherson Månad sedan
Adult swim would like this.
Alexcodexx The kinereader
Alexcodexx The kinereader Månad sedan
Stolas:oh blitzy! Loona:SHUT THE F𝖷UK, UP!!
Карина Мацнева
Карина Мацнева Månad sedan
SonicXNinja Yi
SonicXNinja Yi Månad sedan
The great Fizzerolli?! :0
ShadowTheNinja Månad sedan
I am so confused she already has all this but it take a while to be posted, so I wonder what's she doing? Is it taking long because they need to add the voices? Or what
Jack West
Jack West Månad sedan
Its proabaly just some of the storyboard test animation. And it does take long to clean it up ang get it finished.
NMNekoMancer Månad sedan
So its probably not all completed. They are all snippets of future/existing episodes. I'm pretty sure they're uploaded when fully completed. They may have bits and pieces of future episodes animated or voiced but not have the full thing ready for upload
`• Aubrey •`
`• Aubrey •` Månad sedan
R3n_x Månad sedan
me: watching this while Im in my 13's
Olivia Walton
Olivia Walton Månad sedan
How many episodes are there going to be in this season of Hell of a boss
Olivia Walton
Olivia Walton Månad sedan
@Deleted Acc thx 😊
Deleted Acc
Deleted Acc Månad sedan
i think 8
nugS Månad sedan
Ej Poblete
Ej Poblete Månad sedan
Episode 6
Net Sketch
Net Sketch Månad sedan
0:20, I spy a Fizz
Duke Månad sedan
This trailer is revolutionary!
Series - The Animated Cinema
Series - The Animated Cinema Månad sedan
Jack West
Jack West Månad sedan
No its billymcjoemcchippenhouse
Carson Pinckney
Carson Pinckney Månad sedan
Ep 6 reveal
Carson Pinckney
Carson Pinckney Månad sedan
So 6 is reveal
Martina Miño
Martina Miño Månad sedan
Silver Soul X
Silver Soul X Månad sedan
This season will surely contain 6 or 7 episodes, so I would say that episode 6 will deal with the return of Vrosika and RoboFizz, due to the LED colors that appear, and the 7 could be the attempted assassination of Stolas together with the kidnapping of Octavia by Stella's BITCH, obviously Striker will appear with that revolver powered with angelic magic.
Silver Soul X
Silver Soul X Månad sedan
@Wolf Scar55 right
Wolf Scar55
Wolf Scar55 Månad sedan
@Silver Soul X They said that by episode 4, were only halfway through the season. It can't just be 6 episodes, there has to be at least 3 more for a total of 8.
Silver Soul X
Silver Soul X Månad sedan
@Wolf Scar55 If you see the clip of Stolas with that winged imp and Moxxie's on stage you can see the OZZIE'S sign, so that's tied to the depressed Stolas part, along with the return of Verosika and RoboFizz, resulting in a 6th episode, and only 2 clips of Blitzø and Moxxie appear together, one in the "interrogation" room (more they seem captured to stay and die there) and another in which they apparently manage to escape, but if you look at at least there are 5 clips at least one episode so there can't be that few for just one so i say episode 6 will be the last season 1 debls.
Silver Soul X
Silver Soul X Månad sedan
@Wolf Scar55 everything is possible
Wolf Scar55
Wolf Scar55 Månad sedan
There's going to be 8 episodes from what I recall being mentioned.
tr.unionz _808
tr.unionz _808 Månad sedan
The next one is gonna be where they're tied up.
TinyKP Månad sedan
0:08 it kinda reminds me of ford theater...and with the current episode I'm excited for next episodes to come.