HOLIDAZE (Short Film)

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Thank you all so much for an incredible year, can't wait for what's in store for 2020! Enjoy this little Holiday gift!

Jangle is a spirit of Halloween, Jingle is a spirit of Christmas! What happens when they meet and share with each other the fun festive customs of their holidays? Perhaps they have more in common then they expect!

This short was inspired by the fact these two holidays often get pit against each other, but they can both be so much fun in their own similar ways, and I wanted to make something to mend my relationship with my favorite parts of two very impactful holidays in my life! I wanted to celebrate them both!

The team really showed what they can accomplish with this one and I cannot wait to take what we have learned this year into the next one!!
I can't thank my incredible team enough, as well as everyone who has supported us this year! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Direction and Story by
Vivienne Medrano

Written and Storyboarded by
Gabe Del Valle

Production Managed by
Sara “Serval” Fisher

Edited by
Sara “Serval” Fisher

Music Composed by
Thomas Ryan

Character Design by
Vivienne Medrano
Jane Walker
Omega Black

Animation by
Carolina Páez
Austin Kalista
Diego Mejía Pacheco
Kaylan Peattie
Rafael Cauich Rivera
Jenn Padilla
Yizhen Hou
Lorenzo Estrada
Amy Heard
Michelle García
June Kind

Special Effects Animation by
Carolina Páez
Amy Heard
Kaylan Peattie
Rafael Cauich Rivera

Cleanup by
Emiliano Rangel
Sebastian Velazquez Fajardo
Austin Kalista
Brandon Islas Madrigal
Diego Mejía Pacheco
Kaylan Peattie
Jenn Padilla
Yizhen Hou
Julio Marquez P.
Benji Santiago
Alma Pereyra
Lorenzo Estrada
Michelle García
Amy Heard
Magpie Raven Blackford
Gabriela Pérez Valle
Andrea Alcaraz Loman
Daniel Martinez Hoyo

Backgrounds by
Benji Santiago
Kiira Onew
Jeff Delgado
Amanda Heard
Magpie Raven Blackford
Sam Miller

Compositing by
Carolina Páez
Rafael Cauich Rivera
Sara "Serval" Fisher

Thanks for an amazing year!
May the future be bright!


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lolaseiss 7 timmar sedan
Halloween gay x Christmas gay, together at last! 🎄💝🎃 💖
Kouki Kouki
Kouki Kouki 12 timmar sedan
NitrousXP 16 timmar sedan
Way to wholesome...
Mister Enderboss✔️
Mister Enderboss✔️ 17 timmar sedan
0:23 oh shiz it’s zardy
woolierfrog 23 timmar sedan
Does anyone's grampa say carchune instead of cartoon?
Leonardo Vilella
Leonardo Vilella Dag sedan
Zack Foolhardy be like:
Bradley Goins
Bradley Goins Dag sedan
I like that you went for an almost Hannah Barbara-ish style 100/10
Bradley Goins
Bradley Goins Dag sedan
Aracely Gonzalez
Aracely Gonzalez Dag sedan
0:57 just realized that's the kid from the helluva boss pilot.
Confederates Dag sedan
I wish she would make more short films like these
Veronica Venus
Veronica Venus Dag sedan
OMG this is really cute!!! They are so sweet!!
Larissa Souza
Larissa Souza 2 dagar sedan
Can't you feel the love tonight?🎄❤️🎃
Lee Aguirre
Lee Aguirre 2 dagar sedan
i ship them
omega21 2 dagar sedan
2020 YouTube Purge: the black plague
2020 YouTube Purge: the black plague 2 dagar sedan
Gay furry?
2020 YouTube Purge: the black plague
2020 YouTube Purge: the black plague 2 dagar sedan
Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy themed drawing/Samurai Jack theme
Allie Turner
Allie Turner 2 dagar sedan
The Nightmare Before Christmas 2.0
shiaz salad
shiaz salad 2 dagar sedan
I love this video this is good
Асуна Юки
Асуна Юки 3 dagar sedan
Господи, это самая милая историю, которую я только видела!
ARANZA PÉREZ 3 dagar sedan
pobre sito el pabo
Kristie Robbins
Kristie Robbins 3 dagar sedan
I thought this channel was a demon channel but this is sweet
OCD1 3 dagar sedan
I like the smooth and sharp style you guys always go for and this is a pretty good animation
*.Cåtëlytël.* 3 dagar sedan
This is too adorable 😭
Lava Squid
Lava Squid 3 dagar sedan
Really enjoying the Tom and jerry no voice vibes.
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter 3 dagar sedan
this so give me Nightmare before Christmas vibes! X3
Jairzinho Bonafacia Jr.
Jairzinho Bonafacia Jr. 4 dagar sedan
Are they hes or shes i cant make out genders
Kalhoz_Kustom 4 dagar sedan
Ему не хватало обнимашек :3
Alicia Stella
Alicia Stella 4 dagar sedan
The Nightmare Before Christmas 2.0
Megan Goad
Megan Goad 4 dagar sedan
Is that jack skeleton 🤔
Megan Goad
Megan Goad 4 dagar sedan
Jack skeleton hold my pumpkin spiced coffee Santa Claus 😡
Megan Goad
Megan Goad 4 dagar sedan
My favorite holiday is Halloween of course 🎃
Mercedes Grace
Mercedes Grace 4 dagar sedan
From Hazbin Hotel, to Helluva Boss, to these adorable shorts (my fav being Timber), these are such amazing shorts and videos that I have fallen in love. I hope you'll gain even more followers and awards for these shorts and series.... Which we want Hazbin Hotel lol. I want my Angeldust! He is my all time favorite!!!! And Alistor and his dad jokes. Please never run out of the Dad Jokes!!!! Lots of love from a big fan.
Sunshine Flower
Sunshine Flower 5 dagar sedan
💞💞~They should have Kisssssss~💖💞💖💖
Ana the werehog
Ana the werehog 5 dagar sedan
Que hermoso!!!!
Jasper Maij
Jasper Maij 5 dagar sedan
It's far from both the Hallows Eve and Yuletide at the moment, but that doesn't mean its less beautiful
•Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ•
•Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ• 6 dagar sedan
「× Aιιy ×」
「× Aιιy ×」 6 dagar sedan
This is so beautiful
Hank J. Wimbleton
Hank J. Wimbleton 7 dagar sedan
If only this was a series
shadowzilla2000 7 dagar sedan
it would be cool if vivzie made easter eggs of these different films
That One Disapointment Who Can't Spell
That One Disapointment Who Can't Spell 7 dagar sedan
Out of all the romantic things they did.... *Roasting the heck out of Thanksgiving was the cutest*
kayla Nakimi
kayla Nakimi 7 dagar sedan
And this is why the nightmare before Christmas is good for Halloween and Christmas!
skye prower
skye prower 8 dagar sedan
This is extremely cute 🥺
liaartz 8 dagar sedan
Whelp, now we know who wanted lil Eddie dead in the helluva boss pilot
Alexia Esqueda
Alexia Esqueda 8 dagar sedan
Best friends forever ❤️🎈
Kittygirl344 Neko
Kittygirl344 Neko 8 dagar sedan
Now that’s just plain adorable
wildmanjeff 8 dagar sedan
Me and the Bois at Halloween
Nico Guzman
Nico Guzman 8 dagar sedan
So are they in love?
Eleanor Buckner
Eleanor Buckner 8 dagar sedan
"I can't wait for what's in store for 2020!" Viv no-
that_one_human06 9 dagar sedan
2020:cute 2021: don't let her access any of your holes 🤣
blackX dragonX
blackX dragonX 9 dagar sedan
Anonim Disc
Anonim Disc 9 dagar sedan
It's a nice video but you still have to work a bit in the music type and the music sync with the actions, that feels a bit lacking here
Little Shroom
Little Shroom 10 dagar sedan
2:36 what a charming face
Wolfy Gamer 91
Wolfy Gamer 91 10 dagar sedan
Awwww I'm melting ♥️♥️♥️
Catmo Faboo jr 3
Catmo Faboo jr 3 11 dagar sedan
Jangle looks like zardy
Jordan Gutierrez
Jordan Gutierrez 11 dagar sedan
Cuando sacaran hazbil hotel capítulo 2 muero por verla
A series Fan
A series Fan 11 dagar sedan
Some people are saying jingle is a girl but others are saying he's a boy so which is it?
ぢA N I M E M O O Dぢ
ぢA N I M E M O O Dぢ 11 dagar sedan
When they were watching the movie I saw pink,purple,and blue on the pumpkin,so care to explain
Mjtlpg 11 dagar sedan
These two need to return for 2021
Milo Ng
Milo Ng 12 dagar sedan
Julianna Szalai
Julianna Szalai 12 dagar sedan
Imp Dude Chris 🤘😈
Imp Dude Chris 🤘😈 13 dagar sedan
2 of of my favorite holidays love this it's like nightmare before Christmas a little bit
Rafaela Gonzales loayza
Rafaela Gonzales loayza 13 dagar sedan
0:57 😄😄😄
ignore this
ignore this 14 dagar sedan
Funny how the description says "can't wait what's in store for 2020."
No Name Brand
No Name Brand 14 dagar sedan
desc: "can't wait for what's in store for 2020!" The world after 2020: Are you sure about that?
Chryseis Mesina
Chryseis Mesina 14 dagar sedan
Zar meet raining dee
Question Mark
Question Mark 14 dagar sedan
I will never look at holidays the same
ThaBestOnes 111
ThaBestOnes 111 15 dagar sedan
Is the deer thing a girl?
Dariuš Urbanovič
Dariuš Urbanovič 14 dagar sedan
Does it matter?
Adamsaurus1 Ps4
Adamsaurus1 Ps4 15 dagar sedan
ew candy corn
b Youtuber Sonic10
b Youtuber Sonic10 15 dagar sedan
ZARDY 0:16
bluewolf 4012
bluewolf 4012 15 dagar sedan
Reminds me of nightmare before christmas, because it feels so much like it too.
Butch Leroy
Butch Leroy 15 dagar sedan
I like Halloween and Christmas One is me is adyn my brother vivpop is cool 👍🏼😎😃
Liberty Jones
Liberty Jones 15 dagar sedan
〣♡🌹〔 𝙆𝙖𝙣𝙖𝙤 〕🌹♡〣
〣♡🌹〔 𝙆𝙖𝙣𝙖𝙤 〕🌹♡〣 16 dagar sedan
Basically he starts realizing scaring isnt fun
Itsmecrispy 16 dagar sedan
so wholesome
Rosario Gitierrez
Rosario Gitierrez 17 dagar sedan
awwwww that's nice I love it .
Nimble 330
Nimble 330 17 dagar sedan
no matter how different you are love brings you together
AngiesPlace7321 18 dagar sedan
"Thank you all so much for an incredible year, can't wait for what's in store for 2020!" that aged like milk
Magentapurple YAP
Magentapurple YAP 18 dagar sedan
Jokes aside, this was actually wholesome.
OOFIO Kung 18 dagar sedan
How we supposed there genders lol
Wales Rebel
Wales Rebel 19 dagar sedan
3:44 omg that’s Moxxie on the Christmas tree
Adam D'Ettorre
Adam D'Ettorre 19 dagar sedan
If jack skelington meets krampus cute child
I BET YOU KNOW WHO I AM 19 dagar sedan
☆ Saber
☆ Saber 19 dagar sedan
Me when I'm about to do something sus: 2:36
Diego Guzmán Rodríguez
Diego Guzmán Rodríguez 19 dagar sedan
🥺 que hermoso
Not an  official channel
Not an official channel 20 dagar sedan
Which is the girl and which is the boy
Dariuš Urbanovič
Dariuš Urbanovič 14 dagar sedan
I think both are boy's
Beany boy
Beany boy 20 dagar sedan
In my head, I found a way to shove so much potential lore down this show me throat like I do with all the others I watch
Ripple Ear
Ripple Ear 20 dagar sedan
soo kayooooot! :D
TdM Bahar
TdM Bahar 20 dagar sedan
İşte Galatasaray ın renklerinin manası buradan geliyor...
Thanos 20 dagar sedan
I thought this was going to be nightmare before Christmas, not nightmare INSIDE Christmas.
Kodagirl & Me
Kodagirl & Me 20 dagar sedan
little FILMS mc ヅ
little FILMS mc ヅ 21 dag sedan
We need a full episode where they have the turkey defeat them
HitsRianna Xoxo
HitsRianna Xoxo 21 dag sedan
0:59 it’s the kid from the helluva boss pilot
K3LOF3ARTH 21 dag sedan
This never gets old
Russian duckling 0w0
Russian duckling 0w0 21 dag sedan
This is so cute
(fantasma) 22 dagar sedan
Que coisa mais fofa :3
Dominic Pease
Dominic Pease 22 dagar sedan
i feel like this is a nod off to nightmare before christmas
Shuno Wolf
Shuno Wolf 22 dagar sedan
Aw its so beautiful
Space Age Penguin
Space Age Penguin 22 dagar sedan
also, absolutely love this, your animation is very unique and I love it, hope to see more! (I'm also a scriptwriter who loves animation and if you ever want to team up some day, I'd be more than happy to and vice versa!)
Space Age Penguin
Space Age Penguin 22 dagar sedan
anyone else getting Nightmare Before Christmas vibes?
Fizzerolli 23 dagar sedan
This is a cute story
Kitty Kiwi
Kitty Kiwi 23 dagar sedan
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