Cartoon All-Stars Reanimate!

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2 år sedan

Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue is a truly bizarre 1990 PSA TV special starring a ton of famous cartoon characters helping a kid say no to drugs. It features a very odd musical number called "Wonderful Ways to Say No".

Here are 53 artists from around the industry re-animating this song sequence.

HUGE thanks to the amazing animators who brought this crazy drug trip to life!

Brennon White
Brennon White 8 timmar sedan
0:30 0:47 1:05 2:05 2:10 1:44
Geoffrey the giraffe
Geoffrey the giraffe Dag sedan
SIGHT SHOT GAMING 2 dagar sedan
2021 June (Me: This Is Pretty Much A Cursed Cartoon MasterPiece!!
Neka 3 dagar sedan
Poor Kermit
Noah 4 dagar sedan
im sure this made the issue much worse
Magic Fox
Magic Fox 5 dagar sedan
0:58 is epic
Monika Chan
Monika Chan 6 dagar sedan
Amy heard was a great animator!
W Bacon cheeseburger Servin
W Bacon cheeseburger Servin 6 dagar sedan
I’m Surprise the creators of husband hotel know all cartoon all stars to the rescue
Wolftöne Studios
Wolftöne Studios 10 dagar sedan
This video makes it so you don't need drugs.
Woodzy fox
Woodzy fox 19 dagar sedan
I feel like some copyright issue with this?
littenguy 20 dagar sedan
Yeah I think we all know what to do SEmostrs sing the song
Karolina Kuc
Karolina Kuc 24 dagar sedan
For a moment I thought that ducks are going to eat that boy
Dayron memes
Dayron memes 26 dagar sedan
1:08 did anyone notice the smurf on the bushes looked like he litterly on drugs and look at the face on that smurf just made me laugh 😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Marta Ostaszewska
Marta Ostaszewska 27 dagar sedan
REAL ENDING : Drugs are awesome, get the losers :)
Izzy Total Drama Rita Flushed Away
Izzy Total Drama Rita Flushed Away Månad sedan
0:47-1:05 I love Ducktales reboot 2017 UwU
DS1 Productions
DS1 Productions Månad sedan
0:24 Uuuuuh, what the fuck is that thing?
DUNKLsans Månad sedan
How can I find all of these amazing animators?
حكايات ما أحلاها مع Naymar Da silva
حكايات ما أحلاها مع Naymar Da silva Månad sedan
I dream of the strangomt dreams
Daisia Clark's Channel
Daisia Clark's Channel Månad sedan
What parents think happens when we smoke weed:
Jose Axell Satria Wibowo
Jose Axell Satria Wibowo Månad sedan
Congratulation now i have two kinds of diebetes and cannot get those music off
Monica Victoria becerra pio
Monica Victoria becerra pio Månad sedan
Esto está muy drogado ._____.
Eric TheBro
Eric TheBro Månad sedan
0:48 You know, you watch animators enough to recognize their style.
Donnel Waddle Dee
Donnel Waddle Dee Månad sedan
Why can't they tell him to say no just cause? They're teaching him to make excuses like if he DIDN'T have anything else to do, then take 'em.
Tamara Kilburg
Tamara Kilburg Månad sedan
Well..alright lol. An acid trip without the pretty kaleidoscope imagery.
Sharkie Månad sedan
Dont tell me the ending was the same on the original.
Funky Munky
Funky Munky Månad sedan
2:14 At this point you ask yourself, is the kid on drugs, or are the cartoon freaks on drugs?
Ethan Dahlberg
Ethan Dahlberg Månad sedan
Can you do a Toonami The Intruder ReAnimate
Od Do
Od Do Månad sedan
this is actually scary than the actual drug
ugly land 2021
ugly land 2021 2 månader sedan
This video is for kids?
Oaklee Read the awesome productions
Oaklee Read the awesome productions 2 månader sedan
0:47 quack pack reboot amination
Lucas TPR
Lucas TPR 2 månader sedan
Vivziepop: *Reanimates a song from a 90's anti-drug PSA starring cartoon characters* Also Vivziepop: *Names a character in her cartoon series after a drug*
foxhound13 2 månader sedan
Happy 4/20 in 2021!
Deadlypon3 2 månader sedan
You have to REALLY slow down to enjoy this to its full complexity.
Lucas TPR
Lucas TPR 2 månader sedan
The styles at 0:43 and 1:59 were my favorite.
٭{• A l i c e •}٭
٭{• A l i c e •}٭ 2 månader sedan
0:47 omg this is beautiful animation my favourite part of the map *I can’t animate like that I swear-*
Kovac theSaggy
Kovac theSaggy 2 månader sedan
1:15 Can someone tell that guy up in the left where he is? Also, somebody know the name of the guy at 1:20?
Boyo Chan
Boyo Chan 2 månader sedan
Plot twist: The kid was high the whole time which explains why he saw 10 different characters.
BlackCage3 2 månader sedan
Why the hell are some of these animations better than most shows now and days
🤪 OPW OPW 🤪 2 månader sedan
Kermit is the only normal guy in this
ike from south park
ike from south park 2 månader sedan
buff pig
DarkFire 2 månader sedan
lego king
lego king 2 månader sedan
Why is the smurfs saying that drugs are boring if this entire thing looks like a drug dream
MarcavsMarca. 2 månader sedan
Al ver el vídeo , me di cuenta que no necesitó drogas para ver esa clase de cosas que uno ve cuando las usa XD, no es cierto no uso
꧁ Blocky B.꧂
꧁ Blocky B.꧂ 3 månader sedan
if you take drugs you go to hell before you die
Eric Lehman
Eric Lehman 3 månader sedan
Is Smoke voiced by Jim Cummings?
꧁IndgoChrry꧂ 3 månader sedan
Use me as a “replay this cute little bean’s line” button: 1:37
Izsunnyx _
Izsunnyx _ 3 månader sedan
0:54 please i cant-
Jason Barela
Jason Barela 3 månader sedan
Man this is pretty epic
cumulo25 3 månader sedan
Alvin is losing his shit at 2:14.
Lily The Fox Kwami
Lily The Fox Kwami 3 månader sedan
Angel wouldn't like this movie.
Patrik 3 månader sedan
This whole video is like a drug-infused fever nightmare
Soufriere 3 månader sedan
Notable voice actors in the original cartoon who are no longer with us: Lorenzo Music (Garfield), Russi Taylor (H/D/L, Baby Gonzo), George C Scott (Weed-Demon), Paul Winchell (Tigger)
emma3443 3 månader sedan
0:49 looks like alastor
rpghorrorfan 3 månader sedan
Is it weird that I find the demon dude hot like wtf he vibin 😳 but he’s also evil and likes to give other guys drugs so 😔 and of course he’s voiced by George C Scott so that’s cool I guess
• luhmonie
• luhmonie 3 månader sedan
ha ha ha ha ha! all cartoon's is lariats
Barbatos King of the wolfs
Barbatos King of the wolfs 3 månader sedan
This video makes me feel like am on drugs
Awesomemation Studios
Awesomemation Studios 3 månader sedan
This whole I was waiting for a green ogre and it never came I'm very disappointed 😡
Esteban Gutierrez
Esteban Gutierrez 3 månader sedan
What the hell is up with garfield's voice? It really fits him.
Thoralmir 4 månader sedan
OMG, I remember seeing this on TV when I was 2! Well, not like this, but you get the message.
Stephani Bradley
Stephani Bradley 4 månader sedan
I wonder how long this sequence took you all to recreate. Such gift! Hope you’re all doing well this time around.
Mad Dawg Moody
Mad Dawg Moody 4 månader sedan
Man those New Balances Stood out lol
Davian Betances
Davian Betances 4 månader sedan
Garfield was a savage in this bizarre PSA because thats what he is.
Nickat12 4 månader sedan
1:42 Rise of the TMNT! :O
Keyion Scott
Keyion Scott 4 månader sedan
I watched this on e621
CreatveMnds 4 månader sedan
CypherTale 4 månader sedan
Also- do not listen in the slowest your phone goes- its horrifying-
CypherTale 4 månader sedan
1:53 i paused it- and that just scarred me for life- animal no-
Poly Bun
Poly Bun 4 månader sedan
this video makes me want to drop acid
DANK 4 månader sedan
It's awesome how almost every Saturday Morning Cartoon characters are in this crossover.
Melek Hande Kavas
Melek Hande Kavas 4 månader sedan
Rachel Swank
Rachel Swank 4 månader sedan
Oh God it's 3rd grade again. Yes I saw this in the 3rd grade. It wasn't even Ronald Reigan years. It was the late 2000s
Lori Gonzales
Lori Gonzales 4 månader sedan
They just added the musical number in the movie so the Chimpmunks could sing and nothing can change my mind
Quinntus79 4 månader sedan
Wasn’t this cartoon originally introduced by President George Bush, The former CIA director who backed the cocaine selling Contras in Nicaragua?
FireMario124 4 månader sedan
Not gonna lie, this reanimated version really captures the bizarreness of the original. If only the whole cartoon got reanimated.
Luciana Pancev
Luciana Pancev 4 månader sedan
B.U.Z.Z. 4 månader sedan
2017 vivziepop 2019 vivziepop OHHH H A R D E R DADDY
senior ram
senior ram 4 månader sedan
What a nighmare, imma smoke to get over it
Adeniyi Ibukunoluwa
Adeniyi Ibukunoluwa 4 månader sedan
Who sleeps in shoes 🤣
Vince 1988
Vince 1988 4 månader sedan
2:22 that dude woke up with jugs, the nightmare is just beginning.
Raghib Qadri
Raghib Qadri 4 månader sedan
I feel sorry for Kermit at 1:34
Seeno 4 månader sedan
This should be a meat canyon video
Jason Lumpkin
Jason Lumpkin 4 månader sedan
The voice actors I will miss are Don Messick, Lorenzo Music, Russi Taylor & George C. Scott. RIP all of you.
Jason Lumpkin
Jason Lumpkin 4 månader sedan
This is what you get when you're on drugs. Stay away from drugs or you'll see Louie as Duckman.
michael reyes
michael reyes 4 månader sedan
1:25 message to 2020
DoctahWahwee42 5 månader sedan
This special threw a bunch of random cartoon characters into a bizarre story for the sake of getting kids to listen before it was cool.
Ninjajack 64
Ninjajack 64 5 månader sedan
“Yes it’s a cartoon where Winnie the Pooh and Garfield tell you not to do weed and it’s glorious.” -Diamondbolt
MarioChickenDog23 Official
MarioChickenDog23 Official 5 månader sedan
I prefer the original >:(
Awesomemation Studios
Awesomemation Studios 5 månader sedan
I wonder how angel dust would react to this
kat Flores
kat Flores 5 månader sedan
I feel like angel dust should know this
Sweater Guy
Sweater Guy 5 månader sedan
What a bunch of squares
Sour Soap
Sour Soap 5 månader sedan
Alright, now I’ve got to try them
Friendly Neighborhood Maverick Hunter
Friendly Neighborhood Maverick Hunter 5 månader sedan
ah yes that wonderful era of history when the president approved of alf, the tmnt, the muppets, huey dewey and louie, pooh and tigger, the smurfs, bugs bunny, and garfield in a cartoon about smoking and doing drugs. with song numbers. *W h a t w e r e w e t h i n k i n g ?*
Vardavishal Singh
Vardavishal Singh 5 månader sedan
0:49 I really loves the art style
Gypsy Lance
Gypsy Lance 5 månader sedan
1:18 is terrifying
Marcello Cucchiaio
Marcello Cucchiaio 5 månader sedan
Bro, okay ma perché le scarpe sul letto
Cristopher Leshnick
Cristopher Leshnick 5 månader sedan
Aaaahh ... this was my favorite movie as a kid.
wolfman1000000 5 månader sedan
I remember this as a kid. It haunted me.
i have made too many mistakes through my life
i have made too many mistakes through my life 5 månader sedan
song by the person behind some of the songs for aladdin hercules hunchback of notre dame tangled the little mermaid beauty and the beast and pocahontas
krixa15 5 månader sedan
0:46 Ashley nichols, if you've lived under a rock and don't know who she is then she did animation clean up for hazbin hotel
krixa15 5 månader sedan
Are we going to ignore Kermit in a sailor uniform (0:59) he also did a sailor moon pose 🤣
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