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Only here on youtube!! October 28th! Stay tuned.

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Music by TomRMusic

You guys ain't ready, I'm so painfully INCREDIBLY proud of what this amazing team has created. Hope everyone enjoys it.

hamster gamer
hamster gamer Dag sedan
me pressing in as a kid teehee
tombo_:3 9 dagar sedan
Isn't that the intro music from Final Space?
Kovac theSaggy
Kovac theSaggy 22 dagar sedan
The style looks like a watered down version of cool world. I dont care how bad that movie did, it had more artistic integrity than this one.
Twist _ Ending
Twist _ Ending 21 dag sedan
They literally have zero resemblance
BoyAlert 29 dagar sedan
I love how serious all of the pictures looked and then all of a sudden Angel Dust makes his cute face. XD
Aslenium Månad sedan
25:28 did anyone here heard the zipper
Collette Kent
Collette Kent Månad sedan
Dennis Maisner
Dennis Maisner Månad sedan
I waiting from the first episode😪😪😪😪 i miss harzbin hotel
Luigi Nani nan
Luigi Nani nan Månad sedan
Sooooo gooooood!!!! I still loving it! 7w7
Dante Hasim1
Dante Hasim1 Månad sedan
5 mill subs??? this Animation Channel NO NO SCRATCH THAT its a Company Deserves atleast 110 Million Subs
Lexa Kraken
Lexa Kraken Månad sedan
да когда уже выйдут остальные серии отель хазбин ?
Bean Månad sedan
If there is a movie of hazbin then its gonna have to be at least an hour and 30 minutes, because the regular episodes are almost an hour anyways
DustyGutz 21 dag sedan
@Twist _ Ending Oh okay
Twist _ Ending
Twist _ Ending 21 dag sedan
@DustyGutz and it won't be on SEmost
DustyGutz 21 dag sedan
@Twist _ Ending Oh alright, cheers
Twist _ Ending
Twist _ Ending 21 dag sedan
@DustyGutz they haven't finished season 1 yet
DustyGutz Månad sedan
What episodes? I can't find them, can you link?
Cameron Ramirez
Cameron Ramirez Månad sedan
We want more hazbin hotel please we are begging you
Twist _ Ending
Twist _ Ending 21 dag sedan
Kailey Kim
Kailey Kim 2 månader sedan
Im not hating, but ngl the music doesn’t really fit the whole trailer/film-
Showtime&Hazbin 2 månader sedan
Everyone was fucked up when they saw the trailer came out. When it actually came out they got up fucked.
Elizabeth Morain
Elizabeth Morain 2 månader sedan
Nobody: Thanos: 0:40
Robert the guy
Robert the guy 2 månader sedan
anyone else getting this recommended to them in 2021 and not knowing it was the trailer for the pilot
Bluestar827 2 månader sedan
All these years I’m a kid-
A guy with a name
A guy with a name 2 månader sedan
Ummm this isn’t for kids. Gimme manager
Twist _ Ending
Twist _ Ending 21 dag sedan
Night Fury
Night Fury 3 månader sedan
pls make Episode 2
Twist _ Ending
Twist _ Ending 21 dag sedan
ADI- Z 3 månader sedan
Me: give up on hazbin hotel Vivziepop: "you couldn't live with your own failure, where did that bring you? Back to me."
Twist _ Ending
Twist _ Ending 21 dag sedan
Circus Baby
Circus Baby 3 månader sedan
A treiler it supost to spoiler some next thing that append in 1 frame ....this is show us just what append in the hazbin hotel
Twist _ Ending
Twist _ Ending 21 dag sedan
GorillazZilla 3 månader sedan
Jason Saenz
Jason Saenz 3 månader sedan
Inky_ Spooks:p
Inky_ Spooks:p 3 månader sedan
Clever Fox
Clever Fox 3 månader sedan
We may not be getting Hazbin Hotel from the looks of it, but atleast we have Helluva Boss.
Twist _ Ending
Twist _ Ending 21 dag sedan
Roller Coaster Addict
Roller Coaster Addict Månad sedan
You do know the show has been greenlit and is in production, right?
ОТЕЛЬ ХАЗБИН 3 månader sedan
Hello sorry to bother you but I'm wondering when there will be 2 series of hotel khazbin
Roborbiettino is gone
Roborbiettino is gone 3 månader sedan
I showed this to a deer and now he's speaking with a radio voice and he wants to kill everyone please help-
Ali Öztürk
Ali Öztürk 3 månader sedan
Get ready to check in to hell Me.............you mean school?
Some Dude
Some Dude 3 månader sedan
Title:NOT FOR KIDS Kids:Omg stop making then swear so much
kjjlkhlnfoi fefaf
kjjlkhlnfoi fefaf 3 månader sedan
but im a kid
Ege Mavinil
Ege Mavinil 3 månader sedan
welp here goes your adsense
Tori reacts official
Tori reacts official 3 månader sedan
I got excited then I saw it, when it was uploaded, I laughed because SEmost tricked me
F. B. I
F. B. I 3 månader sedan
Man I can’t wait
Eri Xu
Eri Xu 3 månader sedan
Me: is 8 Me:hehehhehe
Ryx 3 månader sedan
You should not be on youtube
Lucas Yost
Lucas Yost 3 månader sedan
Vivziepop: trailer Fandom: more Vivziepop: pilot Fandom: MORE!!! 1year later Vivziepop: Japanese dub Fandom: f**k this is not what we meant Dis is joining me but make more
Lucas Yost
Lucas Yost 3 månader sedan
Belladonna Nightshade
Belladonna Nightshade 3 månader sedan
FUCK YES!!! I’m so excited hhhhhhh
Enqyid 3 månader sedan
Kids: It's serious?
Kiipnoi 3 månader sedan
vivziepop: HAZBIN IS NOT FOR KIDS! 12-16 yr old kids with trauma or something along that: ;____;" HAZBIN HOTEL NEVER HEARD OF THAT HEHE-
ALBERT WESQUER 3 månader sedan
Tf2Engie21 3 månader sedan
This is a little anti-climatic
Stephen Beshara
Stephen Beshara 3 månader sedan
I would like to know when will Vivziepop start a series for Hazbin Hotel.
Xx_xXGamerYTYT 4 månader sedan
I'm over 18 and it gives me traumas just like with helluva BOSS ok no
Joheehee Gamez
Joheehee Gamez 4 månader sedan
Literally only stuff from episode one nothing else lol
Mikellina 350
Mikellina 350 4 månader sedan
Hola orita que me doy cuenta sabes hablar español me parese impresionante :)
Zaúl_ Damian
Zaúl_ Damian 4 månader sedan
markiplier needs to be LUCIFER
Shadow The Hedgehog
Shadow The Hedgehog 4 månader sedan
Yes I am
Weeb Like Me
Weeb Like Me 4 månader sedan
finally, a trailer that is as good as the show
Pp Poop
Pp Poop 4 månader sedan
Yes for kids
• Ghost •
• Ghost • 4 månader sedan
Damn, when the first episode of Otel Hazbin will be released, personally, I'm already sick of waiting ,_,
Ingemar 4 månader sedan
Fami 4 månader sedan
nah man, it is definitely for kids
whos Tosay
whos Tosay 4 månader sedan
𝗡𝗼𝘁 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝗸𝗶𝗱𝘀 Me: suddenly i cant see
LumeXx der beste
LumeXx der beste 4 månader sedan
I think ITS For Kids or 🤣🤣🤣
Laughin Jaxkss
Laughin Jaxkss 4 månader sedan
Because Viziepop did not just steal my online friend’s boyfriend’s character designs. And did not just whorifie them and then witch hunted him into making his Instagram accounts private. And did not steal someone else’s character designs known as Angel Dust, The dead white haired girl form hazbin hotel and many others. Let’s just ignore the fact that imma get witch hunted because I know all of the shit she’s done that’s she claims is her own. Let’s ignore the fact she stole designs and just appreciate how much work went into her animations that she made with majority of not her own characters.
IM SOMETHING 4 månader sedan
Thats quite the accusation don't you think? I mean maybe if you had proof I would believe you then.
H T Awesome
H T Awesome 4 månader sedan
Spam this all you want, see if any sane person gives a fuck. Your life is beyond pathetic, if this is all you do.
REDNECK JOE 5 månader sedan
I like how it says not for kids but a lot of kids probably watch it
join potato gang
join potato gang 5 månader sedan
I love scary stuff I am a kid yes the horror I watch 10 horror movies
Diego exe
Diego exe 5 månader sedan
hazbin hotel cap 1 please 🙏🏻
Daniel Duanis
Daniel Duanis 5 månader sedan
When ever in Hell also known as the chaos, I prepare everything
ᴍo̸o̸ɴ ʙo̸ʏシ
ᴍo̸o̸ɴ ʙo̸ʏシ 5 månader sedan
Makaylah Reynolds
Makaylah Reynolds 5 månader sedan
You got me over here thinking it was for the second episode
Undead 4G
Undead 4G 5 månader sedan
It’s funny cause it was only the first episode
Angel Dust
Angel Dust 5 månader sedan
Wauuuuuuuuuu che scarica di adrenalina
gerbenvanessen 5 månader sedan
I am starting to wonder what the proper term is for the hazbin hotel/ helluva boss world? hellniverse?
Snape Likes Turtles
Snape Likes Turtles 5 månader sedan
“Not for kids” Kids: *laughs in kid*
gabby the rock Queen
gabby the rock Queen 5 månader sedan
I'm 9 years old
ᴛᴇʀᴀʙʏᴛᴇ 5 månader sedan
Stop the 🧢
ARG Dolphins
ARG Dolphins 5 månader sedan
That snap at the end by alastor reminds me of Thanos
Planet Awesomeness
Planet Awesomeness 5 månader sedan
All Hell breaks loose! LITERALLY
guido mista
guido mista 5 månader sedan
Why do I hear boss music
Ducki 6 månader sedan
NOT FOR KIDS *clicks anyway*
Scorpionstrike7 6 månader sedan
The music is awesome
Joel Rojas
Joel Rojas 6 månader sedan
I am 24
DarkMatter 6 månader sedan
This looks on par with gravity falls
Just me Gaby
Just me Gaby 6 månader sedan
Someone please tell me this will be on Netflix
Ольга Старикова
Ольга Старикова 6 månader sedan
But the Russian-speaking one does not care at all! The audience of Russian children is quite large! i didn't understand anything until i translated it in the translator! Sorry if there are errors in the text.
AxOloTL :3 YT
AxOloTL :3 YT 6 månader sedan
:,,,,v hay no
Лол 6 månader sedan
Это охренеть как круто
Alison Monsivais
Alison Monsivais 6 månader sedan
CruelAssassin 24
CruelAssassin 24 6 månader sedan
it’s crazy how the fandom, art work and music (amalee) are crazy for this show and there is only one episode out
Lucia Betancourt
Lucia Betancourt 6 månader sedan
Lucia Betancourt
Lucia Betancourt 6 månader sedan
Visipop I wanted to tell you something but I don't think you'll fence it to see me and created a hazbin hotel character in tik tok you could see the character I'm Spanish but I translate it if you want to see the character the account is called edits._de.
Kevin C
Kevin C 6 månader sedan
Ummmmm......... #Netflixworthy
Jester_PG3D 6 månader sedan
deadly one
deadly one 6 månader sedan
lm not a kid lm 12
Rosanne Van dijk
Rosanne Van dijk 6 månader sedan
The show: not for kids Me: uhh I am definitely (not) an adult and I’m definitely not under the 18 (yes I am that was a lie) and I definitely NOT have watched epp 1 over 20 times in a month (that was also a lie)
Luna *
Luna * 6 månader sedan
It would be better if right then alstor said ..." Its to die for" and then starts laughing
Угарчик TV
Угарчик TV 7 månader sedan
PasanoShock Nyan Paris
PasanoShock Nyan Paris 7 månader sedan
I’m a kid so what the fuck
Munchie 7 månader sedan
“Not for kids” me That sigh can’t stop me because I can’t read
Adria Rojas
Adria Rojas 7 månader sedan
Not for kids I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that
James Youtube Tv network and guides and gameplay
James Youtube Tv network and guides and gameplay 7 månader sedan
Is this new
Alid Amortegui
Alid Amortegui 7 månader sedan
oye y para cuando el otro capítulo?
Bimyou 7 månader sedan
i like how there is such intense music while going through these shot's from the pilot *then one of the shots is just Angel Dust playing with the window*
Nanatsu Nanatsu no taizai
Nanatsu Nanatsu no taizai 7 månader sedan
Ooooooooohhhhhh so cool
Kelly McCormack
Kelly McCormack 7 månader sedan
Looks like a trailer for a movie.
• C H I P I Ø S •
• C H I P I Ø S • 7 månader sedan
Im a kids yet i dont give a ---- aight'
Noemie Pace
Noemie Pace 7 månader sedan
... So when's episode 2 coming out ?
agonys eyes
agonys eyes 7 månader sedan
A beautifully animated show not for kids finally!! im so sick of adult shows being drawn cheep and ugly I want a bright beautiful world where everyone's a little fucker 😍😍😍😍😍
Christa Santana
Christa Santana 7 månader sedan
In spanish Sólo creo que la serie sería buena si no tuviera demasiadas groserías y eso Y LOVE YOU
A-chan _Unknown
A-chan _Unknown 7 månader sedan
Jk I don't know... Maybe I give you mercy instead coz making a movie it's hard...
A-chan _Unknown
A-chan _Unknown 7 månader sedan
I'm ready for the full movie! ❤
Foxina Foxgirl13
Foxina Foxgirl13 7 månader sedan
Hazbin Hotel: NOT FOR KIDS Me: Goddammit, looks like I can't watch this. Also me: **Proceeds to click and then watch the pilot episode then a bunch of comics about this and then the songs**
Penguin 7 månader sedan
Claim your: before 2 mil views ticket
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